Hospitality Business Plans

A business plan is your road map to success. You would no more open a restaurant without a business plan as you would marry a person without knowing their opinion on having children.  360°restaurantsolutions has developed a comprehensive business plan outline for many successful startups, brand-refresh projects, and turnarounds for restaurants. Our team will walk you through what a successful business plan looks like and help you shore up any missing pieces for a successful brand.

This is often the part that is the hardest for operators. We ask hard questions. We get honest answers.

Are you prepared to make this restaurant a thriving venture or are you happy as a hobbyist?

Scary, right? It certainly was when my accountant asked me these very hard questions 20 years ago. I was angry and insulted. "A HOBBY?!?! This is my livelihood!" Numbers don't lie. Are you gonna be happy working 60 hours a week but not being able to cash your paycheck? Are you willing to work for the next ten years and maybe not get a raise at all? 

How many "successful" restaurants have you seen close?

We can help you build a business plan for success. If it were easy everyone would do it.